8" IPS X 1-1/4" IPS Electrofusion Branch Saddle

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8" IPS  X 1-1/4" IPS Electrofusion Branch Saddle

  • Water, Sewer, Geothermal and other Industrial Applications
  • Compatible with Black PE 3408, PE4710, PE100, and PE 3608 Pipe and Fittings
  • SDR 11
  • PE 4710 Black, Resin Carries a NSF Standard 61 for use with potable water
  • Fittings Rated Pressure: 230psi for Water and Industrial
  • 4mm Pins. Supplied with a 24 Digit ISO Compliant Universal Barcode Label
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASTM F-1055 for use with pipe conforming to ASTM D2513/3035, F-714 with Butt Fittings Conforming to ASTM D3261 as applicable. Meets AWWA C901 and or AWWA C906