• B & D Mfg., Inc. manufactures and custom builds non-pressurized geothermal flow centers, air handlers, and buffer tanks for geothermal systems for residential applications. They provide a full-line of HDPE products and can provide custom HDPE fabrication.

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  • Thermo 2000 has been designing and manufacturing heating equipment for domestic and hydronic systems for over 40 years for residential, commercial and institutional applications. We have a renowned expertise in North America for our full range of innovative products that have become industry benchmarks and are available through a large network of distributors.

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  • Founded in 1981, CORECHEM Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned chemical distribution and manufacturing company headquartered in Knoxville, TN. For 40 years we’ve built our reputation on providing personal service and chemical expertise to customers worldwide.

    Look to us to provide you with all the Heat Transfer Fluid needs for your future projects.

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  • TETCO, the Thermal Energy Transfer Company, started in 1977, making it one of the most time-tested geothermal brands on the market. Before geothermal heat pumps had a universal, designated name, TETCO was creating quality systems. This brand and the people behind it have dedicated over 30 years to providing innovative, earth-friendly comfort.

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  • Our mission is simple: leverage the massive, free, renewable energy in groundwater and provide rural homeowners with an affordable system that allows them to heat and cool their homes for a fraction of what they’re currently spending.

    With a Well-Connect® hybrid geothermal heat pump system, our friends and neighbors can count on smaller energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint and more comfortable homes, year-round. 

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