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Combine 2 Heat Pumps on a Common Loop Field

Features & Benefits

  • Check Valves Below the Pumps provides Pump Protection
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty provides Customer Assurance
  • Solid Durable Construction provides Long Life
  • Removable Lid provides Fast Install and Easy to Fill
  • Swivel Connectors on Outlet provides Flexible Installation
  • Non Pressurized Flow Center eliminates Callbacks
  • Foam Insulated Stainless Cabinet eliminates Condensation
  • Canister continually Purges Air from the System

Simple Installation

Because the EA Flow Center is completely packaged at the factory, installation is simple. The system should be mounted on the floor. Simply connect a return line from the earth system to the EA Flow Center. Then connect a supply line from the EA to the heat pump unit. That's all there is to adding reliable pump protection to any closed-loop system. Also available is the Flowmeter Tool, an exclusive service tool which provides a direct reading of system flow rate, eliminating the uncertainty associated with current methods.