0-0EASS230QFC-- Non-Pressurized Flowcenter No Pump QT EA Canister

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0-0EASS230QFC--No Pump QT EA Canister-- B&D MFG INC. Website Link

Combines 2 Heat Pumps on One Common Loop Field

Features & Benefits

  • Check Valves Below the Pumps provides Pump Protection
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty provides Customer Assurance
  • Solid Durable Construction provides Long Life
  • Removable Lid provides Fast Install and Easy to Fill
  • Swivel Connectors on Outlet provides Flexible Installation
  • Non Pressurized Flow Center eliminates Callbacks
  • Foam Insulated Cabinet eliminates Condensation
  • Canister continually Purges Air from the System

Simple Installation

Because the QT-EA Flow Center is completely packaged at the factory, installation is simple. The system should be mounted on the floor. Simply connect a return line from the earth system to the QT-EA Flow Center. Then connect a supply line from the QT-EA to the heat pump unit. That's all there is to adding reliable pump protection to any closed-loop system. Also available is the Flowmeter Tool, an exclusive service tool which provides a direct reading of system flow rate, eliminating the uncertainty associated with current methods.